Welcome to Cadillac Style,

the first edition in a unique series of artistically crafted signed and numbered books devoted to the design, style, engineering, restoration and ownership of Cadillac automobiles.


Dedicated content

Created to satisfy the interest of dedicated owners, collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate everything about the Cadillac automobile, each car profiled in Cadillac Style reveals interesting facts about that particular car's design and production, while providing informative and personal insight from the owners on how their cars were found, maintained, and ultimately driven and enjoyed. Their words are quite revealing, and often humorous.


As you would expect, each owner is immensely proud of their car. Consequently, you will learn firsthand what owning a Cadillac means to them.

Aside from the uncompromising editorial quality, there is no advertising. Furthermore, each Cadillac was photographed specifically for this book, each image new, hand chosen, and never before seen in print. This combination of features adds appeal and value to Cadillac Style's exclusivity.  


Exceptional quality

Similar to a high-end auction catalog, Cadillac Style is printed on premium 100-lb. art stock paper formulated with an exceptionally bright white finish. This surface ensures an explosion of color off the 9 ½ x 11-inch pages in a most striking way.


Comparable to building a Cadillac V-16, no expense was spared in the production of Cadillac Style. Printed in the USA on the most technologically advanced presses, the end result is a beautifully printed, soft-touch book of exceptional quality; a rare breed of automotive publication that you'll be honored to own and collect.



Out of the million-plus Cadillac owners all over the world, only a fortunate few will own Cadillac Style. Not unlike a limited production 1957 Eldorado Brougham, each edition of Cadillac Style will be available in small numbers; with only 4,500 copies of Volume One available for worldwide distribution. 


Each copy will be hand-numbered and signed by the author, adding to its collectability and value.

Cadillac Style will not be sold in bookstores, on newsstands or via any bookseller. Copies are available only for purchase through Lentinello Publishing.



What comes next?

In Autumn of 2019 we're excited to introduce Corvair Style.  In 2021 we plan to introduce Cadillac Style Volume Two, and Thunderbird Style. Each book will be a limited edition. To ensure you don't miss out on any of the "Style" series, including future releases, send us an email and we'll reserve a copy in your name, before they sell out. We will then email you an invoice once the book is published, not before.